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Phillip E. Kaiser Bio, Feb 2011

1. Flight School Class number, beginning & end dates
Class Number 59-8  (RED HATS) (fixed wing) December 01, 1958 thru July 14, 1959
Fixed Wing Multi engine and Instrument Examiner 1961
USAPHS, CP WALTERS, Tx.     Class Number (1-Bo1981 (B))
(ROTARY WING) February 03, 1963 thru April 03, 1963

2.  1ST. Tour & rank in Vietnam:
 January 1966 thru February 1967
Major DOR, August 16, 1966

3.  1st. Tour Unit

604th. Direct Support Aircraft Maintenance Company, January thru July 1966
540th Heavy Aircraft Maintenance Company, July 1966 thru February 1967

4.  CONUS assignment
Transportation Officer Advance Course, Ft. Eustis, Va. March67 thru July 67
Transportation School Instructor July 1967 March 1968
CH-47 qualification, class 68-12, Ft. Rucker, Al

5. 2nd. Tour Unit, Rank, dates, etc.
 (Major)      Cmdr. 403 TC Detachment, USARPAC-VN, June 23, 1968 thru November 06, 1968
Cmdr. 180th. ASHC, November 06, 1968 thru June 10, 1969

6.  CONUS assignment after 2nd. Tour
Liaison Officer, CH-47 Project Office, USAVSCOM, St. Louis,

Mo. July 1969 thru June 24, 1970
Liaison Officer, Heavy Lift Project Office, USAVSCOM, St.
Louis, Mo June 24, 1970 thru June 10, 1971

7.  Continued service
Attended Command and General Staff School, Ft. Leavenworth, Ks,
returned  To USAVSCOM, St. Louis with multiple assignments in the CH-47, Heavy Lift, and LOH project
management offices until retirement in November 1976.

8. Where do I live now:
 Lake St. Louis, Missouri

9.  Other info:
I am enjoying retirement, enjoying my wife of 56 years, our four children, 14 grandchildren, one great grandson and looking forward to tomorrow.  I have been blessed.

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