South Missouri Chapter of VHPA

South Missouri Chapter of VHPA


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Death from Above: An Khe Army Airfield,
1st Air Cav, FAC and other stories.

Left to Right: 2014 Chapter Council 
Bill Thompson - President, John Sorensen -Treasurer and Russ Emory - Past President.

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A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans
narrated by: Sam Elliott

The VHPASMO is a totally separate, independent entity and is not authorized to act as an agent, or representative, of the VHPA or any other chapters.

This is a great video of our military guys who were held in North Vietnam prisons.  I had never seen this before and I had no idea how these guys felt all these years about Nixon. 

Please share this magnificent video with your friends.

No matter how the media has assassinated President Nixon's character, the GIs still love him. Watch this!

Quick Notes from the Chapter President

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Marine Aviator

Chopper Pilot - Army Helicopter training film

Welcome to our site

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Vietnam POW's 40 years later

Air America

We are continuing to make changes to the web site.  As you may be able to tell, this is a new rendition, necessitated by an upgrade in the language used to publish the site.  Please be patient with us as we continue to bring the site up to date.

We will use this Home Page to say "Welcome to our site,"  and as things come up, to direct you to pertinent pages.  Another goal is to make information available to you.  As I find topics that I find of interest regarding Army aviation and with defense issues, I plan to link to those sites.  If any of you find things that you think may be of interest to the members, send me a note, and I will try to post it on the site.

So, welcome in, and feel free to browse through.

Information on the chapter meetings will be posted  on the "Meetings" page.

John Wilkinson, President 2015-2017

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

South Missouri Chapter


Chinook Demonstration at Airshow

Quick Notes from the VHPASMO President

For those of you in the Springfield, MO area, I just got word from John Sorensen that the last Honor Flight of the year is scheduled on 1 November 2016, and is scheduled to arrive at 2130 hours (that’s 9:30 p.m. for those of you who have been thoroughly civilianized).  Anyone in the area who wishes to be on hand to greet the Veterans when they arrive is invited to be at the Springfield-Branson National Airport about 9:15 or so.

I haven’t mentioned it before, but as Honor Flight information is put out, if you can share it with me, I can put out an e-mail with that information and put it on the web site.  As Veterans, it behooves us to honor those preceded us in service and those with whom we served.

Thanks, guys (and gals as applicable).


What really happened in Vietnam

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